The Wood Garage

We can build a custom wood garage to suit your home and neighborhood, and to fit all your needs. We work with you to make certain you are fully satisfied with your new garage, whether it is one of our standard styles, or highly customized for your wants. Give us a call and we can start your garage design.

The Details

This Better Barns® Two-Car Standard Garage features 8′ walls, vinyl siding, a shingle or metal roof, 9′ wide by 7′ tall garage doors and a walk-through door, as well as the superior Standard Features and upgrades offered with all Better Barns® garages.

20×24 — $15,675
24×24 — $17,750
24×28 — $20,295
24×32 — $22,850
28×28 — $24,100
28×32 — $26,675

Our Better Barns® Carriage Style Garage is actually two buildings in one with the 8′ wide storage room overhead. The building has 9′ walls, 10′ wide by 8′ tall Carriage doors, a walk-though door, two 3 x 3 windows, shingle or metal roof, sloped floor and many other Standard Features and upgrade options.

30 x 28 – $28,350
30 x 32 – $29,925
30 x 36 – $33,675
30 x 40 – $35,895

While we have garage packages priced for your convenience, we can always alter the buildings to meet your needs. This Better Barns® Carriage Style Garage has a larger single garage door replacing the double doors and an optional shingle roof instead of the usual metal roof.

This drop-down ladder is built into your Better Barns® Carriage Style Garage, providing easy access to the 8′ wide storage room that is as long as the building.

Quality Garage Features

Built to Last… We Guarantee It!

  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Outstanding Customer Service since 2002
  • Steel reinforced concrete slab, includes 5’ approach ramp
  • Wall studs on 16” centers
  • Engineered trusses on 24” centers
  • Lifetime warranty on vinyl siding
  • 30-Year shingles
  • Attention to the Smallest Details
  • Buildings Customized to Meet Your Needs
  • Delivery Available Throughout Oklahoma
  • Wood Buildings Proudly Made in Oklahoma

See demo models in person

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Recommended Options

Overhead Storage

Standard in our Carriage Style garages, which have an 8’ wide storage area the length of the garage. We can build overhead storage into other types of garages also. Call our experts for help at 405-783-4370!

Specialty Doors

Get the doors you want – we custom design your garage. Carriage doors or whatever you require or want. Start by calling us at 405-783-4370

Match Your House Style

We can build your garage to match your house color and roof, and to meet all the requirements of your HOA if you desire or require that. Call us at 405-783-4370 to discuss your needs!

Metal Roof

We can build it with a metal or a shingle roof, as you wish. Metal is great for weather protection, but many prefer the appearance of shingle roofing. Call 405-783-4370 to start designing your custom garage.

Door Openers

Electric Garage Doors are great for when the weather is bad or you are exhausted after a long day. Press a button, and just drive on in, staying dry. A very popular option. Call us at

Insulated Doors

Planning on working inside the garage? These keep the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer, making your garage useful
for more than parking year around. Why limit the seasons you can do things in your garage? Call us at 405-783-4370!


Have the windows you want in your garage, to allow more light and air in when you wish. Insulated windows are very popular options. Call us at 405-783-4370!

Custom Layout

Have particular needs? We can do it! Many customers want office or shop areas in their garage, for instance. Whatever you need, we can do it. Call us at 405-783-4370 to get started!

Concrete Wall Stem

many builders do not bother with these – but they help protect the wood of the garage and your home from water damage, and your wood garage from water rot. Have us build a garage that will last you for many years to come – Call us at 405-783-4370 to get started!