Frequently Asked Questions

Does Better Barns deliver the buildings? What is the cost?

Cash Sales: Yes, delivery is included in the price listed (up to 100 miles).
Rent-to-Own Sales: Yes, there is a $30 delivery fee.
There is an additional $3.50 per loaded mile fee for distances over the 100-mile limit.

What do I need to do to level the site for my new wooden building from Better Barns?

The site needs to be reasonably level (within 12″-16″). Better Barns will provide blocking with treated wood to level your building up to 6” at no extra charge. If leveling of more than 6” will be required, we can provide that service only if you notify us before delivery in order for us to send extra leveling blocks with the delivery driver. The cost is $65.00 per hour, plus materials needed. If you fail to notify us before delivery, and a return trip is required, you may also incur trip charges if necessary.

How much space is needed to deliver a building?

WIDTH: Minimum of 2′ wider than the size of the building in question. EXAMPLE 12’x20′ your gate (or other opening) will need to be at least 14′ wide in order for building to pass through.

LENGTH: Minimum 3′ of clearance on both ends of the building in question. EXAMPLE: 10’x16′ the length required would be (16’+3’+3′ =22′) total length required.

HEIGHT: Minimum 3′ of clearance above height of the building in question. EXAMPLE: 8×12 Economy Style height is 8’5″ (Height clearance needed 11’5″)

What do you set the building on?

Our wooden buildings have solid 4”x6” skids treated for ground contact. We typically use treated wood blocks for leveling. One alternative is concrete blocks, which we can provide for $4.00 each if notified in advance of your needs.

Will Better Barns’ buildings meet my local building codes, permit requirements, homeowner association restrictions, other guidelines, etc.?

Better Barns makes every effort to follow best-of-industry standards and is confident you will receive a top quality building that you will be happy with for years to come. However, we are unable to keep up with all the local building codes, permit requirements, homeowner association restrictions, and other guidelines in every location where we do business. Each customer will be responsible for choosing a building that will meet all requirements in the location where the building will be delivered.

Can you paint the building to match our existing house?

Yes. If the customer wants the building painted a special order color, they may match the paint color at any Sherwin Williams store, and provide us with the corresponding paint #. Better Barns can then use this paint # to obtain the matching paint for the building. There is a $100.00 charge for this service.

What is the warranty on Better Barns’ buildings?

Better Barns warranty covers all materials and workmanship on every building for one full year from date of purchase. Manufacturer’s warranty also applies on the following products used to construct our buildings: 5/50 Year siding on all painted buildings (Smart Side by LP), 30-Year on all shingled roofs, 10-Year Fading, 25-Year Paint on all metal roofs (By Fabral Metal Systems), 15-year paint.

How much adjustment do you have to level metal buildings?

There is no more than 6″ of adjustment in the frame of our carports and metal building. In order to install a carport or metal building without incurring extra fees and/or making special arrangements with our office, the building area must be within 6″ of level. Call us to clarify this if you have a situation you think may be questionable.