10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Storage Shed

  1. Who are you buying from? Remember, many shed dealers have very little control over quality, lead time, or warranty issues because they are simply selling for a manufacturer as a retail location. Research the actual manufacturer and ensure they are a reputable company.
  2. Are there restrictions from your municipality or HOA? Codes and covenants often restrict portable buildings in several ways. Size, style, building materials, color, and many other facets are regulated. These restrictions vary wildly from place to place, so do your research in your area.
  3. Can your shed be delivered intact? Many companies offer “on-site” construction at an increased price for customers whose yards have accessibility issues. You will need to determine if that is the case with your location. Some companies offer specialized delivery services or other options. Be sure to ask.
  4. What warranties are included? Most shed builders offer some warranty on their construction. The materials often carry their own warranties from their manufacturers. Learn the differences and be sure to obtain written confirmation of warranties.
  5. Is the shed large enough? In over 20 years in the industry, I have learned that many customers overestimate how much they can fit into a shed. Remember that you will need to walk through the shed to retrieve that box from the back. If you have a mower, you’ll need to leave plenty of room to park it while still being able to access the rest of your stored items. Take the time to tour buildings at the sales location and imagine your items stored inside.
  6. Is the doorway sufficient? This one seems obvious but is overlooked. Many homeowners store riding mowers inside their storage shed. Please make sure the doorway is wider than the deck of your mower if you plan to use your shed to store it.
  7. What site prep should you do? Different manufacturers require different site prep work. Some require a level gravel pad, others require concrete blocks, while others do not require any preparation. Make sure you are ready before the delivery day.
  8. Are there payment options? Today, many storage shed companies offer Rent to Own and other payment options. These options allow customers who currently are paying for storage units to pay a similar amount monthly to have their belongings in their own backyard storage building with the added benefit of owning the building at the end of the contracted term.
  9. Can the building be customized? Most homeowners are proud of their property and invest much time and money into making it uniquely theirs. Your storage shed should be able to be customized to fit your property and your specific needs. Check to be sure you can find the appropriate colors and roofing materials.  
  10. What do others think? Does the company have references? Are their reviews genuine or spammy? Find former customers, especially neighbors or local friends who can vouch for the quality, service, and integrity of the company.

Most folks only buy one or two backyard storage sheds in their lifetime. Far too many just search for “Storage sheds near me” in a search engine and then buy a shed that may not be adequate. Or they visit a big box home improvement store and talk to an untrained, clueless associate before starting the frustrating process of trying to hire a local contractor to assemble a mess of parts to make a subpar building.

Our mission here at Better Barns is to operate as consultants to help every homeowner find the perfect storage solution. One size does not fit all! We have been serving south central Oklahoma since 2002. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in the storage industry, and we would love to help you discover the perfect solution to your storage problem!