What are you sheltering/protecting?

Hot weather and precipitation will take its toll on your equipment, vehicles, etc. Before the expensive damage is done it is wise to get the protection needed. To ensure that you are getting the protection you need, it is necessary to have a good idea of everything you want to protect, so you get the size of protection you need. For instance, an extended cab truck needs more space than a compact car. A RV needs more space than either. Our online selector will guide you through this to find what is suitable, or you can call us at (405) 783-4370 and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

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Please note:

  • One Car (12’ wide x 21’wide)
    Two compact cars (18’wide x 21 long’ minimum)
  • One Compact Car and one full size SUV/Truck (22’wide x 21’long minimum-longer length may be required for some vehicles)
  • Two full size SUVs/Trucks (24’x21’ long or 26’ long minimum-call/chat with us today to speak with one of our specialists)
  • Three vehicles or more (28’ to 40’ wide x any length you want)