Why Buy A Carport?

Tyler MayhanNews

Buying a new car is a major investment and even used cars in good shape are very pricey. Because of this it is important to invest a little in protecting your new vehicle, so your car can maintain value and look great for a long time to come. Something that makes a lot of sense for many people is purchasing a new steel carport to protect their cars, if they do not already have a garage.

Why a carport? They are a relatively inexpensive investment, generally far less than a garage (and in many areas, require less in the way of building permits). They can be installed rapidly and usually contractors require one day to put up the actual carport. They can be sized to fit your space and your needs and if you only need a carport for one car, that can be done. If you want it for multiple cars, or even a RV, that can be done. It can have partial or full sides for additional protection. Different colors or styles can be easily built.

Why are carports such a good investment in protecting your car’s value? When you are parked at home, the major threats to your car are sun, tree sap, and weather events. Any of these can damage your car’s finish, making it look prematurely old and at the least requiring an expensive paint job to restore value. A carport protects your vehicle from these environmental effects for many years to come, without breaking the bank. They do this while also raising the value of your home at the same time. On real estate listings, having a carport is a selling point and attracts extra interest.

While we do supply carports in other states, the greatest portion of our business is here in Oklahoma and among many other things, one thing Oklahoma is known for are its hail storms. In just a few minutes dozens or even hundreds of small to medium dents can happen to your car, with the possibility of cracked or broken glass to boot. According to Autotrends, the average repair cost for a car caught in a major hail storm was as high as $2500. A well designed carport can prevent that damage when you are parked at home and with a properly sized carport, can protect all your vehicles for years to come.

Do you enjoy getting into a very hot car in the summer? If so, you are the only one. Carports keep the sun off your car, so it is far more comfortable to climb into on hot, sunny days. Plus, very hot cars can damage the contents of the car and things such as the dash. Carports are needed at certain times of the year for that reason – so you can enjoy your car AND not damage its contents.

Carports are also great for stepping out of the car in bad weather and being protected from the worst of the weather. Instead of immediately being drenched and stepping into mud, you can be dry until you’re ready to hurry to your home.

For all these reasons and many more adding a carport to your property makes great sense for you. Prices fluctuate, but currently Better Barns can build you a carport for as little as $695. And in many areas, Rent to Own is now available. Call and let us help you select the features you need for your space and to protect your vehicles. 405-783-4370