Uses for Shipping Containers

Tyler MayhanMiscellaneous

shipping containers in oklahoma

Steel shipping containers are eco-friendly, fire-resistant, rodent-proof, easy to secure, and watertight. They are available in 20 and 40 foot lengths, creating a number of possible uses. How can you use a shipping container? Here are five ideas:

Storage unit – Shipping containers make quick and easy weatherproof storage unit. Easy access in and out. Simple to secure.

Guest house – Need an extra guest room or playroom? Shipping containers can be finished out on the inside to provide a quick solution.

Barn – Weatherproof and watertight, shipping containers make a great base for your next animal barn, feed storage, or farm equipment storage.

Workshop – Shipping containers quickly provide a weatherproof shell for your workshop, and tool / equipment storage. Easy to secure.

Hunting/fishing cabin – Looking for an inexpensive shelter for your hunting land or lake? Containers can easily be finished out to a basic cabin with secure equipment storage.