To Buy or Not to Buy…Used vs New Buildings

Tyler MayhanNews

storage barn

After 14 years in the storage shed business, I think I can pass on a little bit of knowledge. Hopefully, I can help you make the right decision for your storage needs!

We have so many customers who come to us looking to purchase a very nice storage shed for a fraction of the cost. Many good folks believe that a storage shed is like a car. A new car loses a large percentage of it’s value over the course of the first 5 years. A storage shed does not. Therefore, a used storage shed is usually just a little cheaper than a new one.

A storage shed has very few moving parts (really only the door hardware) that would ever need to be replaced. A used shed may have a few scuffs and stains, but it serves the purpose of storage just as well as a brand new unit. Other than a new paint job every 10-15 years and perhaps a new roof every 25-30 years, your Better Barns storage shed shouldn’t need any maintenance at all to serve you for all of your life – and your grandchildren’s as well!

Due to these facts, here is my advice: If we have a used unit that is just what you need or want, by all means save a couple hundred dollars! But, if you are hoping to buy a $5,000 building for $3,000, I’m afraid you will probably be disappointed. A new building can be built exactly like you want and you will be happy with it – that is our goal here at Better Barns!

Please feel free to give us a call during business hours to discuss your storage needs. Our number at the office is 405-783-4370.

Thanks for your interest in Better Barns!

Tyler Mayhan
General Manager