The Advantages of a Better Barns Shed

Tyler MayhanNews

The Better Barns advantage is certainly something our customers consider when purchasing their shed from us. Many Oklahomans have already discovered the perks that come with doing business with Oklahoma’s most trusted shed manufacturer, but if you haven’t, I’d like to invite you to read on.

The first, and most important, aspect to consider when purchasing your shed is whether the people you are dealing with are people of integrity. Many in today’s society have attempted to downplay the importance of integrity (in our politicians, in our celebrities, etc.). However, our customers agree that integrity is still a key to determining where they will spend their money! Better Barns has an A+ rating with the BBB, an impeccable online reputation, and a host of references to back up our claim to integrity!

Another key component of your decision should include reliability. Better Barns offers a one-year manufacturers warranty on all our labor and construction. Our siding, LP SmartSide, boasts a 50-year prorated warranty. We offer a 35-year shingle, or 40-year metal option for roofing options. Our customers can rest easy knowing their shed should last for at least a generation!

Thousands of Oklahomans have trusted us to solve their storage problems since 2002. Many of them have been glad they chose us, as 10-15 years later they could come back and ask questions about their shed problems or needs. We have a proven track record of dependability that is so important in making your decision.

Prices change as time progresses. Styles and colors become popular and then not so much. Your storage needs change in each season of your life. However, Integrity, Reliability, and Dependability will never fade off the scene! When you need to choose, you know where to go – Better Barns! Oklahoma’s most trusted shed manufacturer since 2002!