Thanks for making 2018 another great year!

Tyler MayhanNews

portable buildings in oklahoma

As we close our 16th year of serving customers, thanks are in order.

First, thanks to all our suppliers who do such a good job making sure we have quality material to build the amazing products we offer. We couldn’t do it without you!

Our sales staff works so well together. The Noble sales team of Vance, Beverly, and Dajia, serve customers in the OKC metro and answer most incoming sales calls. Their commitment to service shine daily. The Pauls Valley sales team of Robert and Gary do a great job dealing with the container and culvert side of the operation while also serving the storage needs of our rural and southern Oklahoma customers. Between the five of them, all our customers are in good hands! Thanks to each of you for helping us increase our reach to more of our friends and neighbors.

The support staff in the Byars office make everyone else’s job easier. Thanks to Crystal and Gayla for your tireless work to ensure that all the t’s are crossed, and I’s dotted. The excellence you show in pursuing every detail is much appreciated!

The production team in our Byars plant are continuing the tradition of building durable sheds started in 2002 by Vance Wright. Josiah and Kylar do a fine job making sure deadlines and standards are met. Thanks for your continued effort to build quality buildings in a timely manner!

Better Barns is owned by Vance and Dallen Wright. They continue to lead the company with a vision for the future. Their leadership and commitment to the company and every employee is so important. You men are a blessing to us!

Thanks to all our customers from 2002 to today! You are the reason our children had Christmas presents this year, food to eat, clothes to wear, and the other blessings they take for granted. We plan to continue to serve our fellow Oklahomans in 2019 and beyond.

It has been my pleasure to be the General Manager of Better Barns since Sept. 2015, and an employee here since July 2003. Thanks to all of you for making my job as pleasant as possible.