The Lofted Barn

Better Barns Lofted Barn is a classic storage shed, both very practical and attractive. The elegant look of an old barn adds class to any backyard! Order yours today by calling 405-783-4370 to speak with one of our customer service representatives!

The Loft Barn has a 7′ side wall height, wall vents, a metal threshold and a 4′ loft in the back. A second loft is a very popular accessory.

The Details

We have a wide variety of paint colors to suit your desires and sense of individuality. Paint does more than decorate, though – it provides long term protection of the wood, so your barn can last for many years.

Loft Barn Painted

Quality Shed Features

Built to Last… We Guarantee It!

  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Outstanding Customer Service since 2002
  • Metal Roof No Extra Charge
  • Attention to the Smallest Details
  • SmartSide used on all Wood Buildings
    No T1-11 Siding
  • Urethane Keeps Appearance 10+ Years
  • Buildings Customized to Meet Your Needs
  • Delivery Available Throughout Oklahoma
  • Wood Buildings Proudly Made in Oklahoma

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Recommended Options

Radiant Barrier Decking

Reduces heat build-up inside the building by 15-20% at 85 degrees, while also reflecting interior lighting to enhance the light in the barn. This costs $1.00 per square foot, so this upgrade for a 10x16 barn would cost $160.

2×3 Window

Add more light and ventilation to your storage for only $70 with a 2x3 window

3×3 Window

50% larger than the 2x3 windows, for only $80

36”x40” Insulated window

Much more airtight and efficient than single pane windows. Keep your barn cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and have more light with a massive insulated window, only $175.


Our most popular option. Organize space better, maximize storage space, get your smaller items up higher where you can find them. Only $5.00 a running foot, $10 a running foot for double shelves.

Metal Roof

We give customers the option of either metal or shingle roofs on our lofted barns. There is a free upgrade currently, so most customers are choosing to go with the extremely durable metal roofs.

Ramp Planks

Removable ramps to move large items in and out of your new storage. They can be purchased when the building is ordered, delivered, or later. 11”x4’6” planks are $50 or 2 planks for $85. They can be kept attached or moved as desired.

Extra Lofts

Want extra overhead storage in your loft barn? We can add a second loft to it. 4’ long, price is dependent on the width of the building – 8’ is $85.00, 10’ is 110.00, and 12’ is $135.00, to give you much more useful storage space.


Make it easier to walk into your building, especially if it is raised. Double steps are only $60.00