Helpful Tips for Buying a Carport

Tyler MayhanNews

Oklahoma carport

We get many questions about the various features we offer on the carports, and the advantages of certain of them. In particular, since we service Oklahoma much of the time, people wonder which features are most important for protecting your vehicles in this state. The most important thing is getting a carport in the first place of course. Oklahoma storms are notorious for damaging cars and trucks.

The first feature we often get asked about is the value and importance of vertical style roofs. Why are they more expensive, and are they worth the extra money?

Vertical style is an attractive A-Frame with the grooves on the roof panels running vertically instead of horizontally. This requires a bit of extra work, and also additional hardware – a hat channel runs along underneath the roof, providing support and rigidity. This gives it a higher cost – but it also allows rain, snow, ice, leaves, and other bad stuff to run off the roof before building up or causing damage. Have a tree dropping leaves on where you park? Vertical style roofs allow protection without the leaves building up and possibly shortening the life of the metal. Worried about ice storms? When the weather warms up the water drips off, instead of refreezing later and building up higher. These are all very useful benefits for our Oklahoma weather.

Oklahoma carportsAnother add on feature that many consider is partial or full side walls, either on one or both sides of the carport. The downside to these (besides cost) is that it gives you less room getting in and out of the car. The upside is that rain, hail, snow, and leaves do not always fall straight up and down – quite often they are windblown, and fall at an angle, leaving your vehicle still in some jeopardy from the weather, especially hail. Inexpensive metal side panels provide important protection. If the carport is close to a building on one side, it may not be necessary to have one on that side, or at least given the cost and restriction on movement they may not be justified. Having side walls usually means you want to go with a slighter wider carport, if practical.

One option strongly suggested for our Oklahoma weather is upgraded anchors. By default carports will come with rebar sized pins to attach them to the ground. With our winds, it is a very good idea to upgrade to stronger anchors, depending on the surface the carport is on. There are special anchors, for concrete, for asphalt, and if on other surfaces, there are spiral mobile home anchors which hold the carport very securely. The cost is minimal, and helps to prevent your carport from blowing away and doing damage itself instead of providing protection. The number needed depends on the size and features of the carport – longer carports, or ones with enclosed walls or ends require more for instance. Our experts can help you choose the right number for your situation.

And this is key. When choosing your carport, it is good to have a company with knowledgeable salespeople, who have a history of standing behind the product. Most carport dealers are fine – some are fly by night, either new to the field or barely making it. Better Barns has been around since 2002, with an impeccable reputation that we try to protect with consistently good service. Give us a call, and let us get you a carport you will be happy with for years to come. If you wish to see some options, we have many carports and metal building demos set up at our Pauls Valley show lot at 40972 Highway 19, where Highway 133 meets 19 midway between Pauls Valley and Stratford.