We are an authorized dealer for “Yoderbilt Greenhouses”. These beautiful, quality-built cedar greenhouses are delivered fully assembled.

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The Details

!Auto Vent Package

The auto vent package is a must have for the greenhouse. The package includes a front window and a rear window. Each window will have an auto vent opener which works automatically. This package puts the greenhouse ventilation on “auto-pilot”… so you don’t have to do anything. NO ELECTRICITY IS NEEDED!

Each window is operated by a Univent opener. These openers are very popular with Greenhouse enthusiasts. The openers will begin to slowly open at approximately 75 degrees. The hotter it gets… the further out they open. When the temperature cools down at night, the openers will slowly close automatically.

*Please note: If you do not purchase the Auto Vent Package, your greenhouse will still come with a rear window, that you can prop open or latch shut, but will not include the front window above the door or the auto vent openers.

Planting Shelves

The planting shelves are a great place to put seedlings or small to medium size plants. They give you more overall volume for your greenhouse so you can house more plants. The shelves are also the perfect height to use as a workbench while you are potting or pruning your plants.

Dutch Doors

The Dutch Door adds beauty and elegance to the front of the greenhouse and provides greater cross-ventilation.

The Dutch door allows you to open the top half separate from the bottom half, keeping critters out, while giving you much greater cross-ventilation.

The Dutch door is also a better door from a structural standpoint. It will stay straight and square much better than the full-length door.


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Quality Greenhouse Features

Built to Last… We Guarantee It!

  • Yoderbilt Greenhouses are constructed 100% in the United States. *Located in Mansfield, AR
  • Customized to Meet Your Needs
  • Yoderbilt supplies a high quality structure that is priced well below the competition and that gives directly back to the American Economy.