Carport Selections – Now Rent To Own!

Tyler MayhanNews

Some of the most popular products Better Barns has are carports and garages. This should come as no surprise – cars and trucks are expensive, and need to be protected from sun and snow, sap and hail. Anybody who has experienced a hail storm, or seen the damage that weather and sap can do to a car’s finish, knows just how much damage can rapidly occur. Carports are insurance for this, that needs to be purchased only once.

When purchasing a carport, it is important to get one sturdy enough to handle high winds, and large enough to protect the full length of your vehicle with room to spare. The normal suggested minimum length is 21 feet, to allow for fuller protection. Fortunately, they can be customized to your exact needs, whether you are protecting a single compact car or multiple extended cab pickups, or even a motor home. Before ordering a carport, think about what cars you want to protect – and what you would like to have going forward, so you don’t need to get a new carport or garage in just a few years. If you have always wanted a F-150, make sure your carport is at least 26′ for instance, so the truck is protected once you get one. Make sure it is wide
enough to take your vehicles, and to open the car doors and get in and out easily.

Besides the size, we have multiple roof styles, and the ability to build enclosed storage space. If you get a lot of rain, snow or ice where you live, it is generally a good idea to get what is known as a vertical roof, which allows for easy draining of any buildup. It is also a good idea to get more than the basic anchors to hold it in place. Anchors help protect from wind damage to the carport and your car. Standard anchors work in normal conditions, but if you are installing on concrete, special concrete anchors are much more secure. On dirt or gravel, mobile home anchors hold the carport very securely.

We can custom build a carport that suits your needs and fits the color scheme of your home; the latter sometimes being required by HOAs. We can build a metal or wood garage to protect your vehicles, and provide storage to boot. There are even new rent to own options to allow affordable, no credit check, RTO payments, to allow you to protect your vehicles sooner rather than too late.

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