Back to School…ALREADY?

Tyler MayhanMiscellaneous

As a teacher, I live and breathe school. School doesn’t sneak up on me. However, summer seems to be shrinking. (Hmm, maybe my wife put summer in the laundry. It shrinks my pants…)

We started school last week and I was reminded again of the great opportunity to fill young minds with knowledge. We’ve been afforded such a great chance to prepare our children for the challenges that will face them in just a few years. Our youth should learn critical thinking skills. They should be encouraged to think for themselves. The future of our nation depends on these little people!

I have taught at our private school for over a decade. It seems I know less now than I did when I started! But, I do know that it is very important that the next generation be taught how to apply themselves and give their best to their duties.

I was asked in a survey from a local vo-tech school what skills Better Barns was seeking. Pondering what answer would fit, I decided that Better Barns really wasn’t looking for any particular skill. Really, we’re looking for people who will give their best to the team, be dedicated to improving, and have a desire to excel. Do schools teach those things?

In summary, I’d like to ask all fellow educators to remember that these pupils will be adults soon. Will they be prepared for the reality that is life? Or, will they run quickly to their “safe space” when faced with criticism? We are molding America’s future. Let’s do it well!

Tyler Mayhan
General Manager

PS. Sorry this has nothing to do with sheds…