10 Uses for Storage Containers

Tyler MayhanNews

Since we started selling shipping containers last summer, they have rapidly become one of our biggest sellers. People love being able to put affordable, very secure storage wherever they need it. They jump at the chance to come down to one of our many locations and choose the exact container they want, made even easier with our brand new huge display site on Highway 19 where it meets Highway 133, midway between Pauls Valley and Stratford. Every day we have customers taking advantage of our cash and rent to own options.

But what many do not recognize is just how versatile these containers really are. Here is a list of 10 uses our customers have for containers – it could be much longer, but we wanted to limit it to the more common uses for our customers.

1) Movable storage for whole households. Need to do a major remodel? Or perhaps you are consolidating households? Or maybe you have just accumulated more stuff than you need currently, but want to keep it handy for future use? Shipping containers are fantastic for storing your items in water and weatherproof conditions, with protection from rodents and other animals to boot. And a storage container allows you to keep your items nearby and accessible, without expensive fees at storage rental centers.

2) Feed Storage. Many ranchers and farmers want to stock up on feed for their animals, buying when the time is right and storing it for use over a period of time. Shipping containers allow the feed to be stored in a manner that does not allow rodents and other animals access, and that protects the expensive feed from the weather. And because shipping containers are so durable, it will provide this protection season after season after season – making them fantastic long term investments.

3) Worried about storing flammables – whether hay or anything else? Shipping containers provide protection from both from fires breaking out and from any fires spreading and destroying your barn or other building. Steel storage is inherently safer, seals off the contents from the environment, and provides the safety you want for many years to come.

4) Convenient tool and machine storage. Your tools, machines, or equipment can be protected against the weather, in a lockable container to help prevent theft, placed where they are actually needed instead of remotely. No more hauling your equipment to the site, and possibly forgetting the one item you need most that day.

5) Rentable storage facilities. The cost of setting these up can escalate very quickly if custom buildings are used. Shipping containers allow entrepreneurs to set up small facilities on extra land, with the ability to add storage quickly as the business grows. This allows them to have a sideline business for extra income, without a large investment of capital or time.

6) Classic car storage. Want to protect your beloved vehicle? Need to protect restoration parts from the elements? Want to protect it from thieves at the same time, or maybe even allow for safe moving of the vehicle over long distances? Shipping containers work great for this, with the water and weather tight construction keeping your car safe. A 20′ container works for one standard vehicle ñ a 40′ high cube container gives you space for a taller vehicle and other items, or several smaller cars.

7) Secure storage for collectibles. Has your hobby overflowed your space? Is your attic or basement stacked high with your precious objects? Is your spouse insisting on reclaiming space? That’s true for many of our customers. Shipping containers allow you to keep your collectibles securely nearby, while even allowing you to modify the containers to add climate control and the appropriate shelving.

8) Portable cabin or tiny home. More and more, we are getting questions about using these shipping containers as the heart of secure remote cabins or tiny homes for your property. And why not? A 40′ shipping container has approximately 320 square feet of interior space with which to work, and walls that provide protection against wildfires and weather. Even with modifications, they can be far stronger than most homes, while still being inexpensive depending on how you equip them.

9) Temporary Onsite Office. Very popular with businesses that need to maintain a presence at a workplace. There is no need to build a short term facility that can be easily damaged when it is time to move to a new site. Shipping containers can be modified to give businesses the presence they need ñ that can then be moved to another location as required. Other movable options are just not as durable, leading to the popularity of shipping containers for this.

10) School and Sport Team Storage. Rather than having to worry about hauling the equipment a field needs and the teams need to get ready to play – and inevitably occasionally forgetting something – these allow the required items to be stored at the field or on the school grounds. You can stop worrying about hauling everything a long distance before each game and after each game, and focus on the sport itself.

So these are some of the many uses for shipping containers. What would you like to use one for? Let us know in the comments, and when you are ready to purchase one or more, give us a call at 405-783-4370 or visit one of our display locations!