The Shipping Container

Weather and water proof and rodent proof, shipping containers are fantastic for your storage needs. We carry them in 20’ and 40’ lengths, for the space that you have wanted. Commonly used for household goods, commercial storage, animal feed – whatever you need to store. These were used to carry new goods across the ocean on ships, so they are very sturdy. We carry retired used models, premium used models, and what are known as “One Trip” models, where they are basically new, one trip across the ocean and then sold to us. These One Trips have the latest locking mechanisms on the doors, and are even more secure than our other models.

Most of our customers actually come on down to our sites and choose the exact container they want, so they know they are getting quality for the price. We deliver for free within 100 miles of our Byars facility. Available for cash purchase or monthly Rent-to-Own payments